About Us
CompMughal Engineering is a private limited company registered with SECP (Security and Exchange Company of Pakistan) under companies ordinance 1984.
History of CompMughal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd goes back to 1948 when it was established in Peshawar.
A 1917 Drummond foot pedal driven lathe machine was the first step towards making up of the first screw compressor in Pakistan.
As the demand of air increased in the industry, piston type compressors with its noise, high running and maintenance cost and low quality of air, were unable to cope with the demand. The Company decided to focus on the manufacturing of Air compressors. In 2004 CompMughal Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., developed screw compressors, refrigerated dryers and line filters under its own brand name “RotoAir”

In 2007 CompMughal expanded its capability by combining R&D and manufacturing in order to cope with the requirement of Fuel Gas compressors for gas driven engines & turbines. Our gas compressors' performance and reliability have been proven over and over in petrochemical, oil and gas projects. Our gas compressors are applied to various fuel gases for power generation.

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