RotoGas is capable of designing and manufacturing specialized fuel gas treatment packages & Ammonia gas refrigeration equipment according to specific customer requirements and specifications.

Typical fuel gas treatment packages can include:
• Knock Out drums
• Coalescing and / or particle filters
• Shell and tube type heat exchangers

Typical Refrigeration equipment includes:
• Liquid receiver tank for AMMONIA.
• Cooling Coils
• Condensers
• Turn key projects of Cold storages.

All Rotogas compressor packages based on oil-injected twin rotary screw compressors.
The choice for this type is based on the better economics and the higher compression ratio of the oil-injected screw compared to oil-free screw compressors.

We have delivered gas compressor packages for power plants up to 50 MW (based on 2 up to 6 gas turbines or gas engines).

The Rotogas compressor ranges:
• Minimum gas inlet between 0.5 bar (14,5 psi)
• Maximum gas outlet pressures up to 20 bar (230 psi)
• Pressure ratio from a minimum of 1,2 up to approx. 42 (depending nature of gas) with a "swept" volume up
to approx. 4000 m³/h
• Installed motor power up to 500 kW

Engineering and Design

RotoGas supplies complete, cost effective, engineering packages.

Typical examples are:
• Complete engineering packages for gas & air compressor units, gas filter/separator systems, process units etc.
• Construction drawings and strength calculations to code for pressure retaining equipment
(vessels, reactors, heat exchangers).
• General arrangement drawings, piping layouts, isometrics.
• Wiring diagrams, logics, loop diagrams as well as PLC programming and testing.

Our company has the experience in designing and installation of all types of systems and specifications. We design our industrial systems for the oil, gas, refregeration and petrochemical industries. We custom design, each package per client’s specifications along with quality industrial practices. Our systems are engineered to meet the specialized industrial code requirements of the industry. These include ANSI, ASME, ASTM, ASHRAE, API, NEC, UL, NFPA, TEMA and others.

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